Red River 2 Memories

April 10-17, 1999

Being an index of journal entries and images of my own fashioning,
as well as those crafted by other RR2 veterans.


"...enjoying a slice of the past and
the unique experience of making a trip in one age,
with an awareness that belongs to another."

-Eric Sloan,
American Yesterday, 1956, pg. 21


Omnia Mecum Mea Portus
"All that is mine I carry with me."
-Joe Smotherman



Doug's Photo Page

Karin Timour's Photo Page

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A painting that captures the mood

Laura Fitzpatrick's Photo Page



Letters, Diaries and Journals

The "letters from home" Page

A diary in period style, anonymous submission

A modern style journal, anonymous submission

Jacob Saville's diary

Mike Murley's RR2 memories


Other "Memory" Sites

Cpl. Andrew "PIP" Jerram's RR2 Site


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