Red River 2 / 35th Iowa


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A hut in Pleasant Hill village

Our first morning in the field - 4/11

"Drying out" at Camp Blinking Light - 4/11

"Drying out" - our first night back in Pleasant Hill - 4/12

Rest break - Tuesday 4/13

Camp Rabbit Run - 4/13

A bushed campaigner

Our fearless Lt. contemplates the enemy

After the Battle of the White Pickup - Wednesday 4/14

Our Lt. and First Sgt. savoring our victory over Secesh mechanized infantry

Our rear guard of cavalry catches up to us on Thursday 4/15

A dim view of our column seconds before assaulting the bridge - Friday 4/16

The Bottomland Abattis or "There used to be a road where the surgeon is standing" 4/16

Our last rest break before hitting Pleasant Hill - Friday 4/16

We had marched through scrub growth

We had marched through pine forest

We had marched through hardwood forest

And we had earned the title of "Veteran of Red River 2"

Larry Berra, my bunkie

Doug, still standing after 48 miles and 45 years, back at Pleasant Hill - 4/16


Pictures of Saturday's Entrenchment - New as of 5/18/1999
(Photos edited to remove any modern items in the background)

The Veterans of Co. G, 35th Iowa on the field Saturday morning, 4/17

Company G digs in, Tim "Dawg" Rounds with a tin cup

Looking at the east end of our trench

Digging is done, now the waiting begins

How it might have looked 135 years ago

After the CS cavalry made a sweep past us, we're ready for the dance to start

Some of my mess mates, Cpl. Jim Tedford standing

How I might have looked 135 years ago

Don't mess with Larry either

The front of our digs

Another look back in time as we watch and wait

Looking to the west along the trench

A very long pic of our front, assembled from five shots - 122K


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