Mt. Fern Photos - post of Dec. 15, 2001

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Front of post card to Ella D. Spargo, c. 1905 Back of a postcard to Ella D. Spargo, c. 1905 One peso note from sometime after 1916. A flower drawing either by or for Annie Spargo
A young Irene Davenport with a VERY long braid Side yard of the Mt. Fern farmhouse in a snowstorm. First flower that someone drew, front. Back of "first flower" image.  Not sure if it's related or not.  I also got the background for this page from this sheet of paper.
Looks like Aunt Hallie sitting in the chair on the right.  Who are the others and where/when was it taken? Back of this says "picnic at Milton"  Anyone know when and who is who?  Might be Greatmother in the back row at the bottom right edge of the flag. Mt. Fern barn from down the hill, c. 1959 Mt. Fern farmhouse, c. 1960
Davenport siblings, Bertha (Jenkins), Tom and Irene (Spargo). Same image enhanced in black and white. Same image, close-up on their faces I have absolutely no idea who these people are.  Any suggestions out there?


The background image on this page is taken from some paper that I found among Aunt Hallie's things. I managed to "massage" it into a background for this web page and I'm very pleased with how it looks here. Please let me know how it looks on your end..