George Gilfillan's Last Hymn

11th August, 1878

With tearful eyes I look around;
Life seems a dark and stormy sea;
Yet midst the gloom I hear a sound,
A heavenly whisper -- "Come to Me!"

It tells me of a place of rest;
Life tells me where my soul may flee;
Oh! to the weary, faint, opprest,
How sweet the biding -- "Come to Me!"

When the poor heart with anguish learns
That earthly props resigned must be,
And from each broken cistern turns,
It hears the accents -- "Come to Me!"

When against sin I strive in vein,
And cannot from its yoke get free,
Sinking beneath the heavy chain,
The words arrest me -- "Come to Me!"

When nature shudders, loth to part
From all I love, enjoy and see;
When a faint chill steels o'er my heart,
A sweet voice utters -- "Come to Me!"

"Come, for all else must fall and die;
Earth is no resting place for thee;
Heavenward direct the weeping eye;
I am thy portion -- "Come to Me!"

O voice of mercy! voice of love!
In death's last fearful agony,
Sopport (sic) me -- cheer me -- from above,
And gently whisper -- "Come to Me!"


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