Ecola Memories
Cannon Beach, Oregon

Winter Term - 1973
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The first week we were back in session, a big storm blew in and backed up Elk Creek. We had to stop classes to fill sandbags in the pouring rain. Our efforts to raise the levee behind the Conference Center paid off though, the flooding was minimal.
Craig Horvath and I decided to take a hike up towards Chapman Point to see the waves surging in off the Pacific. Huge logs slammed into the dunes and made them shake and quake beneath our feet.
Those dunes were the first thing the wind had hit in who knows how many hundreds of miles. We discovered that we could run up the back of the dunes, and leap forward into the air and the wind would blow us back onto the top of the dune. People pay good money for this kind of fun, all we had to do was walk across the creek. <g>
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