Ecola Memories
Cannon Beach, Oregon

The Short Sands Timber Recovery Expedition

On the Tuesday before the last week of school a group of us made an expedition to Short Sands State Park, south of Cannon Beach, to help Dave Duff gather up some timbers that had washed ashore there. Most drove down, but a few of us hiked down along the coastline.

L to R: Donna Baker, Guy Ramsdell, Audette Hayes, Melodie Hansen & Nancy Moore. I took the picture.
This was taken in a little cove just south of Arch Cape. We'd just made it around there on our way south from Hug Point, where we'd started. It was an absolutely perfect day to hike the Oregon coast.

After we arrived at Short Sands we ate, then helped Dave Duff move a few little "twigs" around the beach so he could salvage them. In those days such timbers would often wash off the deck of ships headed to Japan and then come ashore on the coast. It was cold work but fun. Tiring too.

We used two wheelbarrows we borrowed from the Parks Dept. It looks like Gred Bettis on the left and Stan Sheilds on the right.

L to R: Greg Bettis, Don Soule, David Duff & Guy Ramsdell. I don't know who's behind Guy.
The second method for moving the larger timbers was to float them in waist deep water and push them down the beach. The "Wet and Wild" approach, you might say.

L to R: Guy Ramsdell, Cliff Horr, Sue Shank (behind) Diane Smith, Greg Bettis, Kathy Ehlinger, Dave Duff aka our fearless leader, Stan Shields, John O'Riley.
This is most of our crew after we were done for the day.
Praise the Lord for work well and safely done.

It's a day that lives in the memory with that golden glow around it as being most sublime.

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