Ecola Memories
Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Fall 1972

Arriving at a place I'd never been, I was quickly welcomed into a family of fellow students who were also looking to grow in their understanding of the Bible and how that applied to our day to day life.

I was blessed with some wonderful roommates:

Rob Campanella was from Livingston, Montana and always had a lighthearted spirit that added a lot to our days.
Roger Cruse was from down the coast a ways. Roger also had a talent for being a bit goofy and keeping us all amused.
Norio was a college student from Japan who'd been living in Portland. When he left to return to Japan at Christmas-time I bought his car, a huge old Buick.

In the mornings we'd have three hours of class, then the afternoons were largely ours to do with as we pleased, then two more hours of class after dinner. We each worked a certain number of hours per week to defray the expenses of the school. I spent a lot of time helping to build a new motel-like housing unit.

We all worked various jobs over the course
of the year though, here Norio didn't like me
taking his picture as he was washing dishes. <g>

It became a habit of mine to hike for hours along the cliffs, beaches and mountains which decorate the coast. Often I'd go alone, but sometimes a group of us would get together and make a special trip. Here Cheryl Jacobsen was part of a group that climbed to the top of Mt. Neahkahni, a bit south of Cannon Beach.

Looking south over the Nehalem River and Manzanita Beach

Looking north with Tillamook Head in the far distance

Of course, when it snowed the last week of the Fall term, a rare occurance on the coast, we made the most of it right on the conference grounds...

The girl on the far right is Casey Nordgren, Cliff Mansfield is chasing her and Sue Poer is third from right. L to R: Don Soule; in red hat - Paul Hoffman; Roger Cruse; Sue Poer and Cheryl Jacobsen
The dining hall was always a center of our fellowship.
L to R: Mrs and Mr. Yagar, Mrs. Evangeline McNeil, Roger Cruse, Carol Margolis (hidden), Lyle Wade. Dec. 1972

It was with great saddness we bid many friends farewell at the close of this term. But those of us who were there for the year looked forward to many new adventures ahead.

And we were not disappointed.

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