USV Safety Regulations

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     B. A safety Zone of 50 yards in front of the guns will be maintained whenever the guns are firing. If troops come within this Safety Zone, an immediate cease-fire must be given. Pay close attention to this Safety Zone so you do not get caught with loaded guns and troops within the Safety Zone.
     C. When a gun has a failed primer or is loaded and troops are within the Safety Zone, Number 1 should place the sponge on the hub of the wheel. Number 1 may have to catch the attention of Infantry troops by placing the sponge horizontally over his bead and moving it up and down for a more visible sigual. To avoid confusion of Infantry troops, this signal should only be used when troops are within the Safety Zone. Do not use this signal for every round loaded or to play a fast one on the opposing forces.
     D. The best Safety regulation in this Safety SOP is the use of Common Sense. Use it freely. The only good reenactment is one in which no-one is hurt.

SOP 4 SAFETY REGULATIONS                                    TAB D(1) MOUNTED ARTILLERY

Further regulations for mounted artillery, cavalry, mounted staff, physical fitness and other areas are omitted from this online version for the time being. Clicking on "Next" will take you to page 21 "Annex A, Musket Safety Inspection Points." Missing pages will be added as time permits. -webmaster

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  USV Safety Regulations
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