Order of Battle
June, 1863

SIXTH ARMY CORPS (Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick)

First Division (Brig. Gen. Horatio G. Wright)

First Brigade (Brig. Gen. Alfred T. A. Torbert)
1st New Jersey (Lieut. Col. William Henry, Jr.)
2nd New Jersey (Lieut. Col. Charles Wiebecke)
3rd New Jersey (Col. Henry W. Brown)
15th New Jersey (Col. William H. Penrose)

Second Brigade (Brig. Gen. Joseph J. Bartlett)
5th Maine (Col. Clark S. Edwards)
121st New York (Col. Emory Upton)
95th Pennsylvania (Lieut. Col. Edward Carroll)
96th Pennsylvania (Maj. William H. Lessig)

Third Brigade (Brig. Gen. David A. Russell)
6th Maine (Col. Hiram Burnham)
49th Pennsylvania (4 cos.) (Lieut. Col. Thomas L. Hulings)
119th Pennsylvania (Col. Peter S. Ellmaker)
5th Wisconsin (Col. Thomas S. Allen)

Second Division (Brig. Gen. Albion P. Howe)

Second Brigade (Col. Lewis A. Grant)
2nd Vermont (Col. James H. Walbridge)
3rd Vermont (Col. Thomas O. Seaver)
4th Vermont (Col. Charles B. Stoughton)
5th Vermont (Lieut. Col. John R. Lewis)
6th Vermont (Col. Elisha L. Barney)

Third Brigade (Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Neill)
7th Maine (6 cos.) (Lieut. Col. Selden Connor)
33rd New York (detach.) (Capt. Henry J. Gifford)
43rd New York (Lieut. Col. John Wilson)
49th New York (Col. Daniel D. Bidwell)
77th New York (Lieut. Col. Winsor B. French)
61st Pennsylvania (Lieut. Col. George F. Smith)

Third Division (Maj. Gen. John Newton)
--- (Brig. Gen. Frank Wheaton)

First Brigade (Brig. Gen. Alexander Shaler)
65th New York (Col. Joseph E. Hamblin)
67th New York (Col. Nelson Cross)
122nd New York (Col. Silas Titus)
23rd Pennsylvania (Lieut. Col. John F. Glenn)
82nd Pennsylvania (Col. Isaac C. Bassett)

Second Brigade (Col. Henry L. Eustis)
7th Massachusetts (Lieut. Col. Franklin P. Harrow)
10th Massachusetts (Lieut. Col. Joseph B. Parsons)
37th Massachusetts (Col. Oliver Edwards)
2nd Rhode Island (Col. Horatio Rogers, Jr.)

Third Brigade (Brig. Gen. Frank Wheaton)
--- (Col. David J. Nevin)
62nd New York (Col. David J. Nevin)
93rd Pennsylvania (Maj. John I. Nevin)
98th Pennsylvania (Maj. John B. Kohler)
139th Pennsylvania (Col. Fredrick H. Collier)

Artillery Brigade (Col. Charles H. Tompkins)
Massachusetts Light, 1st Battery (A) (Capt. William H. McCartney)
New York Light, 1st Battery (Capt. Andrew Cowan)
New York Light, 3rd Battery (Capt. William A. Harn)
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery (C) (Capt. Richard Waterman)
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery (G) (Capt. George A. Adams)
2nd United States, Battery (D) (Lieut. Edward B. Williston)
2nd United States, Battery (G) (Lieut. John H. Butler)
5th United States, Battery (F) (Lieut. Leonard Martin)



Official Records
Edwin B. Coddington The Gettysburg campaign: a study in command
Blake A. Magner and Michael A. Cavanaugh A photographic guide to Gettysburg battlefield commanders


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