2013 Maps of March Route

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Using these maps and estimating 1-2 miles per hour you might be able to find us along the way...
Maps appear courtesy of Charles Dawson, mapmaker extraordinaire.

March Route Overview
Fairfax, Va. to Westminster, Md.
June 26-June 30
(does not include the July1-2 route ending in Gettysburg)

Map - Fairfax to Westminster

March Route Detailed by Days
The first day is at the bottom so you get the sense of movement northwards.

Day Six-Seven, July 1-2
Departing ~10:30pm
Manchester to Gettysburg
Day Five, June 30
Departing ~11:00am

(time subject to
weather considerations)

Taylorsville to Manchester
Day Four, June 29 Hyattstown to Taylorsville
Day Three, June 28 Edwards Ferry to Hyattstown
Day Two, June 27 Dranesville to Edwards Ferry
Day One, June 26
Departing ~1:00am
Depart Ox Hill Battlefield Park
to Dranesville

(Note: ongoing research indicates they went out to
Chantilly, then north on the Centreville Rd.
through Frying Pan, Herndon and then up to Dranesville.
That route is not highlighted on the map at left.)

Details of the last day, July 1-2
Again, start at the bottom and work up to follow our route

July 2 - section three Mason Dixon Line to
Little Round Top
in Gettysburg
July 2 - section two   North of Westminster
on the Baltimore Pike
to the Mason-Dixon Line
July 1 - section one   Departing Manchester, Md.
@ 10:30PM to Westminster
and then north on Rt. 97


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